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Big taste with a family-owned feel.

1911 Grill, fittingly named in honor of the year of the first Indianapolis 500 is a full-service restaurant and bar that serves refined casual American cuisine for all tastes.

Savor a delectable meal or drink while viewing karting drivers at Speedway Indoor Karting through the windows of a two-story, on-site fully independent American Cuisine restaurant. Our 1911 Grill is open to all ages and features two stories of seating, both with outside seating, fireplaces and fantastic views of Main Street, Speedway. With the recent addition of four mini bowling lanes and a game room upstairs, 1911 Grill is sure to have something for the entire family.

Sarah Fisher and her husband Andy O’Gara have lived and breathed the Indianapolis 500 like few others. Sarah has driven in and owned teams in the great race. Andy has turned wrenches and managed teams. So it should come as no surprise that “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is a central theme to 1911 Grill. Memorabilia from Sarah’s driving career and from many past editions of the Indianapolis 500 will be displayed prominently, letting guests feel the same zeal for the race as Sarah, Andy and their family.

1911 Grill

Two-Story American Bar and Grill

1067 N. Main Street

Speedway, IN 46224


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1067 N Main Street

Speedway, IN 46224

Tel: 317-870-3780

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